Mini USB Passthrough

Mini vv passthrough

Mini vv passthrough

Mini USB Passthrough – smallest VV Passthrough

The mini passthrough without battery cell inside, it’s link to PC or wall charger to work through a USB cable. There are a voltage control PCB inside the passthrough to control the working voltage. And with the VV function, you can adjust voltage from from 3.0V to 4.8V(3.0V/3.6V/4.2V/4.8V), with a indicator.


There are two colors available of the Mini VV passthroughBlack and stainless steel. Usually the delivery time about 3-7 days.

The USB passthorugh with a beautiful fish-eye button, and 5 clicks protect function. A 1.5M USB cable linked at the end of the passthrough.


Why Wholesale Mini USB passthrough from UNICIG? 1. Exquisite workmanship, smooth appearance; 2. Used the best batteries cell (Desay A Grade Battery cells); 3. Durable Durable switch button; 4. Multi-color selection; 5. Fast delivery; 6. Good service.


Model: Mini USB passthrough
Style: Smart Design, can be ego or KR808D thread
Voltage: 4 different variable voltage 3.0V/3.6V/4.2V/4.8V, with color lighting Indicator
Compatible: with CE4, CE5, CE6, Mini DCT, Mini Vivi Nova
USB cable: 1.5M
Power Switch: Manual
Color: Stainless Steel, Black
Specification of Wall Charger:
  1. Input: 100-240V ~50/60Hz 350mah
  2. Output: DC 5V~200mah