Riva 510 Atomizer

Riva 510 atomizer

Riva 510 atomizer

Riva 510 atomzier – normal resistance

It is a high quality atomizer for Riva 510 e-cigarette. The Riva 510 atomizer with a 510 around cartridge, and resistance about 2.3ohm, this resistance value let the battery work very well, and producing huge vapor.

The UNICIG Standard 510 is highly regarded as one of the best atomizers on the market today. With outstanding vapor production and great flavor you can’t go wrong with the 510 atomizer. 3 months Warranty.

Details of the Riva 510 atomzier:

1. Colors available: Black, White, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Pink, Ice Blue, Ice Red, Ice Purple(Gold, Chrome Shiny: add $1 each piece)
2. Resistance: around 2.2-2.4ohms
3. Capacity: 0.5ml